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Founded in 2016, Orel Capital is a Real Estate Investment Firm and Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF). We work closely with our investors making strategic investments in real estate properties that create opportunities and expand their wealth. We believe in socially conscious investments that create inclusive growth for both communities and our partners. We value that our investments made by our Firm serve a purpose for the greater good of society by creating new jobs, creating more housing opportunities, and add significant merit to our investors’ portfolios.

The firm’s portfolio consists of ground-up development projects that are able to produce viable returns before factoring in the QOZ tax benefits. Once the projects are completed, each asset will become a stable cash flow producing investment or sold for profit depending on the predetermined goals tailored to each investor’s portfolio goals and milestones. All of our new ground-up development is done through state-of-the-art Modular Construction, off-site factory-built Multi-Family units, Manufactured Homes, and Modular Homes.

Our team lives, works, and studies our target markets extensively to position us to uncover unique opportunities both on and off-market. We specialize in properties in the path of growth in already transforming neighborhoods targetting some of the fastest-growing cities in California. Orel Capital is also aggressively targeting the acquisition of under-performing Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) and Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs) in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We firmly believe that this asset class is one of the hottest growing asset classes in real estate and is systematically under-valued vs other competitive housing (i.e. multi-family apartment complexes or single-family homes). These investments are labeled “ATM Machine” style investments for Investors because of the high rate of cash flow from each asset.